HORIZON redefines solar power plants.

For the first time in the world, our solar folding roof enables double use of industrial usable areas for solar power production without the area underneath being restricted. This is made possible thanks to the innovative lightweight construction and the patented folding mechanism. Very wide column spacings and a large height above the ground allow full freedom of use for vehicles, logistics and goods and at the same time halve the use of materials compared to comparable systems. The solar folding roof is only weatherproof to a limited extent and is fully automatically protected by a meteo algorithm that moves the modules into the garage during storms, hail and snow.

HORIZON solar folding roof at ARA in Chur and Davos, Grisons, Switzerland

5 times more: the solar folding roof



HORIZON produces electricity for self- consumption where it is needed: in the industrial area, at the shopping center, in residential areas.


Double use

With HORIZON, the solar power system does not take up any space because it uses areas that are already built on, such as wastewater treatment plants, parking lots and logistics areas.



HORIZON provides valuable shade. Algae growth is reduced in the clarifiers, while the vehicles remain cool in the parking areas.


Enjoy freedom

HORIZON allows full freedom for the use of the area below thanks to the large column spacing and sufficient height above the ground.


Operate automatically

An algorithm takes over the fully automatic operation and protects HORIZON from storm, hail and snow.

HORIZON increases the benefits of wastewater treatment plants:

dhp technology is leading a research project on lifespan aspects of solar systems in the operational environment of sewage treatment plants, with a pilot project in the Graubünden region with the partners reech gmbh, SUPSI, EAWAG, Hunziker Betatech and SGK.

HORIZON over parking lots

Large parking spaces and logistics areas can be used twice thanks to HORIZON. In cooperation with the charging infrastructure for electromobility, a decentralized mobility solution is created that makes maximum use of the available space and infrastructure.


HORIZON increases the efficiency of parking and logistics areas and offers decisive advantages over conventional carports:

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