Thanks to HORIZON, wastewater treatment plants become energy self-sufficient and increase the yield of their plant.

Increases self-sufficiency

The solar folding roof does not take up any space, because for the first time it uses the open sewage treatment basins for solar power production – without any restriction for its primary use. The electricity produced locally by HORIZON can be consumed 100% at the wastewater treatment plant. This increases self-sufficiency by up to 50% on average.


Always offers easy access – even from above.

The special lightweight construction allows wide upright spacing and great heights above ground. Thanks to the patented folding mechanism, HORIZON can be retracted at any time. For example, for work with a crane, installations in the basins or inspection work.


Reduces algae growth.

HORIZON provides useful shade. This has been proven to reduce algae growth in the clarification basins. On hot summer days, the solar folding roof protects the employees from heat and UV radiation, which makes working at the basins more pleasant.

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Increases the profitability of the plant.

POWER-TO-METHAN: We offer a sustainable and economical solution thanks to the use of existing resources. This transforms wastewater treatment plants from large-scale energy consumers into energy suppliers.


Produces winter solar power.

A weather algorithm takes over fully automatic operation and protects HORIZON from storms, hail and snowfall by retracting it into a protected position. In snowy regions, electricity can thus also be produced in winter, because the modules remain free of snow and are extended again with the first rays of sunshine.


Optimises the distribution of energy loads.

Software-supported energy management provides reliable forecasts for optimising load distribution. This reduces electricity costs to a minimum and maximises self-consumption and self-sufficiency. We monitor your solar power plant 24/7 via our specially developed control centre.


It is robust and tried and tested.

The cableway technology and corrosion protection suitable for wastewater treatment plants ensure robustness and durability even under the most adverse conditions.


Enhances WTP aesthetically.

The elegant design of HORIZON enhances industrially used areas. This is infrastructure-integrated photovoltaics at its best.

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