With HORIZON, expensive logistics space can be used more economically.

Local electricity production makes people independent of external charging infrastructure. The supply grid is relieved and costs for power peaks are reduced. In this way, the solar folding roof opens up new business models.

The solar folding roof for logistic areas (PDF)

More ecological and cheaper

Compared to fixed photovoltaic constructions of the same dimensions, up to 50% less material is used and a forest of supports is avoided. This is good for the environment and your wallet.


Keeps the lanes clear.

The support cable statics allow wide distances between supports and a height of over 6 m. The traffic lanes remain free for logistics operations. Towing curves are also possible for double trailer trains.


Does not occupy any parking spaces.

Thanks to wide column spacing of up to 28 m, no stands are lost. A clever design reduces the risk of collision.

Hugelshofer 2x26 ausgefahren-bearb2

Is ready for electromobility.

The supply line to the charging points can be routed via the supporting structure of the solar folding roof. The supports are used as charging points. There is a lot of synergy potential thanks to low investment in the charging infrastructure.

Bild P2G auf Parkfläche

Protects drivers, vehicles and the asphalt surface.

The shade under the solar folding roof reduces the cooling capacity of the air conditioning systems in the vehicles and increases the comfort of the drivers. The asphalt surface is protected and this reduces maintenance costs.


Aesthetically enhances the logistics area.

The elegant and shapely design of HORIZON enhances any sealed surface. This is infrastructure-integrated photovoltaics at its best.

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