Change in the Executive Board

Entrepreneur and co-founder of dhp technology, Andreas Hügli has retired from the Executive Board and the Board of Directors. His successor on the Executive Board is Peter Kasper, an industrial and production engineer ETH who lives in Malans.

Peter Kasper brings with him many years of project management and leadership experience in a change environment and is therefore ideally suited to lead the future challenges of dhp technology AG to success. Together with Gian Andri Diem, he forms the new management team of dhp technology.

Andreas Hügli justifies his departure from dhp technology AG with the success of the young company. Founded in 2015, dhp technology AG is now a cleantech company with 34 employees. With twelve HORIZON solar folding roofs successfully installed in Switzerland, the pioneering phase has been successfully overcome. The current challenges are the automation of planning, internationalisation and scaling through external partners.

“My passion for photovoltaics is unbroken,” says Andreas Hügli. He now wants to concentrate on his work at reech GmbH, a company he also founded. This company plans and implements photovoltaics on infrastructure systems, for example along roads, on dams and buildings. It also runs its own test laboratory in Oberurnen. Andreas Hügli remains co-owner of dhp technology AG. In view of the energy transition and the change in mobility, the HORIZON solar folding roof has huge potential. At a lofty height, it spans sewage treatment plants, car parks and logistics areas and provides a double benefit. Firstly, it provides shade, and secondly, it produces electricity where it is needed. These are unbeatable trump cards for the increasing electrification of transport.

Image: Peter Kasper will take up his new position at dhp on 7 March 2022.