New solar folding roof system in Davos increases winter electricity production


Municipality of Davos




252 kWp

Solar folding roof system in Davos increases winter electricity production

The “energy city” Davos is relying on the power of the Davos sun and is taking a further step towards energy self-sufficiency. Above the Davos wastewater treatment plant, the first alpine solar folding roof system has been installed at an altitude of over 1,500 metres above sea level. This means that the Davos wastewater treatment plant will in future produce electricity for its own consumption in a decentralised and independent manner. This also in winter.

The Davos solar folding roof has 252 kWp installed PV capacity and will produce approx. 255,000 kWh of electricity per year. Of this, the Davos wastewater treatment plant will consume around 93 percent itself. Due to the high altitude and the generally low temperatures, solar plants in the mountains produce particularly efficiently. Because snow reflects the sunlight, the conditions for photovoltaic systems in the Davos Landwasser Valley are ideal.

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"As an energy city, it was always clear to us that such a plant would be realised. We hope to welcome various people and interest groups here in the future, who are also considering the construction of a solar folding roof".

Tarzisius Caviezel
Mayor of the municipality of Davos

A meteo algorithm automatically retracts the solar folding roof in case of snowfall, storm and hail. This protects the modules and keeps them free of snow. This will increase the winter power production.

Markus Wendler
Operations Manager

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