WWTP in Esslingen (ZH) even more modern thanks to the solar folding roof


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144 kWp

WWTP Esslingen in den canton of Zurich

After having been technically upgraded for 1.4 million Swiss francs as recently as 2020, the WWTP Esslingen has now become even more modern. Electricity costs, which amount to about 60,000 Swiss francs annually, are greatly reduced with the solar folding roof. In order to obtain cheap electricity, it used to be necessary to run individual processes at night. That is no longer necessary. What also convinced those responsible in advance were the lower construction costs compared to a fixed roof.

With a module area of 1,000 m2 , the new solar power plant supplies 128,000 kWh per year. After a short construction period of just under three months, the solar folding roof was put into operation on 7 December 2021.

Klärwärter Pascal Späni (links) und Klärmeister Philipp Oberholzer

We are very happy that the solar folding roof is now in operation. The good thing is that all the energy produced on site can also be consumed in the same place.

Philipp Oberholzer (r.) and Pascal Späni

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